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Tim's Calendar
Dec 03
WI pastor meeting

Nov 03
NAB RM connection call

Dec 06
MN Ordination council-Riverview

Dec 07
Worship at Riverview-W St Paul, MN

Dec 09
IL church leader meeting

Dec 11
IA pastor cluster-Coralville IA

Dec 13
Search Team meeting-Bellwood IL

Dec 14
Worship at Bellwood IL

Dec 18
UMR RLT meeting

Dec 21
Worship at Immanuel-Kenosha WI

Dec 25

Tim & Jodi Blackburn


We are glad to have you take a few moments to visit our UMR website. We are excited to share what God is doing through the churches of the Upper Mississippi Region (UMR) of the North American Baptist Conference. The UMR includes NAB churches in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin that have joined together to assist each other in accomplishing common ministries and fulfilling their mission and vision.

UMR Church/Ministry of the Week

Dec 07

Leadership Development Team

Dave Dryer, Bill Gould, Harrison Lippert

Dec 14

Regional Leadership Team

Dave Wick, Jen Woyke, Jim Renke, Jim Kramer, Deb Husinga, Isaac Miller, Pete Pingitore, Tom & Camie Treptau and Tim Blackburn

Dec 21

Regional Minister

Tim Blackburn-AND for God to provide a new RM for UMR

Dec 28

2015 vision for YOUR church

A God sized vision for ministry with much conversion growth

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UMR of the NAB
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Kenosha WI 53140

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