Executive Director Transition

For the past 21 years Village Creek Bible Camp has had the wonderful privilege by being led by co-directors Tom and Camie Treptau. God has used them to impact the lives of 1,000’s of young people and families, many making first time decisions for Christ.

Tom approached the board several months back and shared his decision to pursue a desire to fly commercially. This will require Tom to be gone from camp for extended periods of time and will make it impossible for him to continue in his current position. His passion and love for Village Creek has not eased, but as he pursues this path he will be unable to give the same number of hours to VCBC as he has.

Therefore, beginning February 1st Camie has stepped into the role of Interim Executive Director and Tom will be stepping back from some of his responsibilities at camp. He will still be around offering his time when available, but Camie will now assume the primary role of leadership at the camp. The Interim role gives the board time evaluate during this time of transition.

We as a board believe Camie is more than capable of fulfilling the new role and we are grateful for the 20+ years of leadership Tom has given Village Creek. Our hope is that your camping experience will continue to strengthen your church’s ministry.

We would ask that you pray with us for the Treptau family and the camp staff, as they go through this transition. Pray for the camp as responsibilities and roles will be realigned and for God to be honored and glorified in all of it.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact board president Dan Andrews ( ) or regional minister Jim Rinke (

Village Creek Camp Board